Practical Light-Color-Spectral Measurement Instruments
For LED & Any Other Type Light Source

The High Accuracy You Require
Gigahertz-Optik's BTS256-LED Gigahertz-Optik's BTS256 series meters use the latest LED measurement technology to accurately measure photometric quantities with full color and light spectral data included.

The Flexibility You Need
The BTS256 series meters' compact portable design makes it easy for you to maneuver the meter into position, enabling measurement both under real application conditions as well as in the lab.

The Versatility To Do The Job
The BTS256-E Light-Color-Spectral Meter measures illuminance in lux as well as color quantities and spectral distribution. The BTS256-LED Tester can be used four different ways: stand-alone, mounted onto an integrating sphere or goniometer bench or with a diffuser window attachment.

The Capability For System Integration
With our software development kits, you can expand the capabilities of the BTS256 series meters and integrate the meters into your own applications.


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Measure Any Type Of Light Source Accurately

Precision Engineered For Results You Can Trust

Make Sure Your LEDs Show Their "True Color"

LEDs only show their "true colors" after they have been assembled and under the operating parameters of the particular application.

Get true LED measurement readings with the BTS256-LED

See this LED Color & Light Meter in Action

Video of the BTS256-LED for LED Measurment from Gigahertz-Optic

Our 10 minute product video demonstrates all aspects of the BTS256-LED, including software and optional attachments.