BN-LHSF-2P-20 Calibration Standard Lamp

BN-LHSF-2P-20 Calibration Standard Lamp from Gigahertz-Optic BN-LHSF-2P-20 Calibration Standard Lamp

With hemispherical irradiation emittance for spectral radiant power calibration of integrating sphere systems

Calibration standard lamps with 2π radiation distribution characteristics are preferred for calibration of integrating sphere systems with spectroradiometers used to measure LED based light sources and spot source lamps with a hemispherical light distribution. Using a 2π type emitter standard lamp, calibration is performed under similar sphere surface illumination conditions (including baffle and sample holder) as in the test sample measurement.

The BN-LHSF-2p-20 consists of a 100W quartz-halogen frosted lamp in a fan cooled housing (active air flow across lamp socket) that mounts directly onto UMPF-1.0-HL port frames plus adapters for larger port frames are available. Calibration and certification of the spectral radiant flux from 360-830 nm is provided. Lamp power supplies are also available.

Product Specifications
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