BTS256 LED Tester Technical Note

Luminous Intensity Measurements with your BTS256-LED Meter

BTS256-LED-DA Diffuser attachment required!

Did you know that you can measure luminous intensity in the units of candela with your BTS256-LED meter if you have the BTS256-LED-DA Diffuser Window attachment?

The S-BTS software allows user to select luminous intensity measurement mode with entry of the source to detector distance in meters. Here are the steps to set-up the BTS256-LED with BTS256-LED-DA attached for beam candlepower measurements:

  1. Connect device to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Open S-BTS Software
  2. Locate the menu bar and click the <Devices> tab
  3. Scroll down to the first item labeled <Measurement Devices> and hover over it until it shows a tab for your connected device with serial number.
  4. Hover over your device name with serial number until it shows the tab labeled <Setup>
  5. Click the tab labeled <Setup>
  6. Once the <Setup> menu has opened. Click the drop down menu next to the label <Configuration>
  7. Scroll down to <Luminous Intensity (cd)> and click
  8. Then select the tab labeled <Common> directly below the <Configuration> scroll down menu
  9. Input the appropriate distance (meters) in the area provided under the label <Distance from Light Source (m)>
  10. You are now set up for luminous intensity (cd) measurements using your BTS256-LED meter


Screen Shot Showing Common Tab with Distance Entry Box