MSC15 Low Cost Spectral Light Meter

For photopic and scotopic illuminance, S/P Ratio, EVE factor, luminous color, color rendering index and light spectrum and flicker

MSC15 Low Cost Spectral Light Meter from Gigahertz-Optic
Measures illuminance, color & spectrum

Twenty different measurement quantities available with software included

Handy low cost tool in the field or lab

Cost Effective Spectral Meter
The MSC15 is a handy and cost effective spectral light and color meter. It measures twenty different light and color quantities as well as PAR plant growth and Bilirubin phototherapy functions with intuitive simple color touch-screen operation and S-MSC15 software supplied. A built-in diffuser window provides cosine correction with an f2≤3%. User software, USB interface and traceable calibration certification to international standards are supplied with the meter.

Must Have Tool For Lighting Professionals
The MSC15 is a must have tool for lighting professionals including: engineers, designers, manufacturers/distributors, architects, interior designers and facility managers tasked with qualifying conventional and solid-state (LED & OLED) light sources.

Bilirubin Measurands:

  • E_B_IEC bilirubin IEC 60601-2-50 (mW/cm²)
  • E_B_AAP bilirubin AAP (μW/(cm²nm))

PAR Measurands:

  • Qsy' PAR (μmol/(m²s))

Human Centric (α-optic) Measurands:

  • Ez melanopic illuminance
  • Ee,z melanopic irradiance
  • Ev,mel melanopic daylight equivalent illuminance
  • Esc cyanopic illuminance
  • Ee,sc cyanopic irradiance
  • Emc chloropic illuminance
  • Ee,mc chloropic irradiance
  • Elc erythropic illuminance
  • Ee,lc erythropic irradiance

Radiometric, Photometric, Colorimetric Measurands:

  • Ee (λ) spectral irradiance
  • Ev illuminance (fc & lux)
  • Es scotopic illuminance (lux)
  • Ee irradiance
  • Es/Ev scotopic / photopic ratio
  • x; y CIE 1931 color coordiantes
  • u'; v' CIE 1976 color coordiantes
  • CCT correlated color temperature
  • Δuv deviation from the blackbody locus
  • X; Y; Z CIE color
  • Ra; R1..15 CRI - color rendering index
  • λdom dominant wavelength
  • pe Purity
  • CIE 1931 color graphic with S-BTS256 software
  • CIE 1976 color graphic with S-BTS256 software
  • CRI Bar Plot with S-BTS256 software
  • λp peak wavelength
  • λc center wavelength
  • λs centroid wavelength
  • λ0,5 spectral half-width (FWHM)
  • TM-30-15 Rf fidelity index
  • TM-30-15 Rg gamut index

Product Specifications
For product specifications and configurable options for the MSC15 Spectral Light & Color Meter, please visit the Gigahertz-Optik main website here.

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Practical Solutions To Real Application Problems

Here's The Problem:
Your company manufactures a wide range of solid state lighting for various applications. You need to convince your customers that retrofitting their traditional site lighting with your new LED based lighting is a better way to go. But when comparing the light sources your filter based luxmeter is not doing a good job providing the light intensity and color temperature data you need to prove your claims. Also different customers are requesting different measurement quantities based on the lighting application, whether display, general, horticultural or other.

Here Are The Requirements:

  • Fast accurate color, illuminance and color temperature information
  • Able to measure all of the different measurands present in various lighting apps
  • PAR measurement capability for horticultural applications
  • TM 30-15 and CRI measurement capability for display lighting
  • Multiple meters are required for sales reps and installation & service techs, requiring a cost effective solution

Here's The Solution:
Gigahertz-Optik's handy MSC15 spectral light meter. It's light & color measurement made simple.

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