BTS256-LED Accessories


BTS256-LED-DA Diffuser Window

An optional diffuser is available for the BTS256-LED that allows it to measure light intensity like a luxmeter but with all color quantities and light spectrum included. The diffuser can be interchanged with the supplied cone adapter for dual purpose (lumens and lux) use. This option allows photometric, colorimetric and spectral analysis of any type of larger area light sources like LED arrays and fixtures without the need for an integrating sphere.


BTS256-LED-GB-GD-360-V01 Goniometer

The BTS256-LED can also be used in conjunction with the GB-GD-360 goniometer for the measurement spatial light intensity distribution, color & total flux of LEDs, solid-state lighting and standard light sources. Goniometric measurements are important when the light shape and direction as well as intensity, color and spectral data need to be analyzed. Components are selected from Gigahertz-Optik's GB goniometer and B2S mechanics product lines to form a complete goniometric system with the BTS256-LED.

The GB-GD-360-V01 contains a two meter long rail-bench, two axis goniometer drive mounted onto the bench and the BT256-LED carrier assembled on a linear translation stage for adjustable measurement distances between the test source and the measurement device. The goniometer drive features a universal assembly platform with threaded hole pattern for mounting the test sample. The four electrical connectors located on the front side of the assembly plate are wired through the axis to a connector on the back of the rotary table to avoid cable twisting. Rough and fine z-axis drives are used for the adjustment of the front of the test sample to the goniometric reference axis.

S-GB-BTS256-LED software supplied with the goniometer drive is Windows XP and Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit) compatible. It supports remote control operation (via USB interface) of the BTS256-LED and the goniometer bench, the symmetrical or individual set-up of the measurement sequences, the numerical and graphical data documentation and data transfer into IES and EULUMDAT format. Also effective luminous flux is calculated from the accumulated luminous intensity distribution data as well.

Power Supply

For power supply options, please consult the factory.

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