BTS2048-VL Bi-Technology Sensor

What is a BiTec-Sensor?

The BiTec-Sensor (BTS) Joins Two Light Detection Technologies for Improved Overall Performance



The Bi-Tec Sensor is what makes Gigahertz-Optik's BTS series LED & light measurement instrumentation different from the competition:

  • Photometric V(λ) filtered integral detector is combined with a diode array spectrometer
  • The integral detector measures light intensity in absolute photometric quantities
  • The diode array detector measures the spectral distribution
  • The diode array's spectral data is used for on-line real time computational correction of the integral detector's spectral mismatch error as well as computation of other color and photometric quantities

The BTS employs the advantages of both detector technologies while minimizing the disadvantages in each.

Plus - Minus Comparison of Integral Filter Detector and Diode Array Based Light Measurement Technologies

Filtered Integral Detector:

  +   High sensitivity
  +   High linearity
  +   Wide dynamic range
  +   Fast response time
  +   Analog signal
  +   Compact size
  +   Low cost
  +   No GAP
  +   No cross talk
  +   No stray light

  -   f1' V(λ) match uncertainty
  -   No spectral data
  -   Filter attenuation

Diode Array Detector:

  +   Spectral data 
  +   No filter attenuation
  +   f1' V(λ) match 

  -   Slit, grating, optic and GAP attenuation
  -   Low monochromatic purity due to stray light
  -   Limited linearity
  -   Large volume of data
  -   No real time measurement
  -   Response time dependent on signal level

For complete technical specifications: please visit the Gigahertz-Optik main website here.